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Now infamous for his actions as a referee on the WWE main roster, Brad Maddox initially began his career in wrestling in 2008 down at Ohio Valley Wrestling. A numerous time champion that bled charisma and untapped potential, Brad would jump ship in the summer of 2010 to hone his craft in FCW.Read More ?
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10/07/2013 RAW Results!
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Backstage and waiting for his verbal reprimands, Brad Maddox was quickly torn into by Stephanie McMahon. Getting berated for the Rhodes’ victory, the blackout, and the main event of Battleground, Brad earned all the blame from Stephanie, herself. Brad attempted to explain himself, trying to speak up about Triple H’s involvement in the situation at hand. However, Stephanie was quick to interject, and shot him down. Brad was then informed that he was going to be forced to apologize to the WWE Universe, as well as explaining how he would make it up to them.

A commercial break left Brad time to walk to the ring, to face the masses all by himself. A divas tag team match filled the void as he put his mind back together, and he soon went out onto the entrance ramp. Apologizing like the man he is, Brad ensured that the issue between Randy and Daniel would come to an end at Hell in a Cell. A special guest referee was added onto the stipulation, and it would be one of three WWE Hall of Famers, the actual referee chosen by the WWE Universe.

…I think he’s made it all up.. Right?

Backstage, Brad was seen with Stephanie once more, questioning if his actions made up his mess. Triple H soon came into the scene, knocking Brad down; calling him a moron, and sentencing him backstage to ensure that what’s best for business would happen. Understanding, Brad then remained silent, and the main event went under way.


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