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Now infamous for his actions as a referee on the WWE main roster, Brad Maddox initially began his career in wrestling in 2008 down at Ohio Valley Wrestling. A numerous time champion that bled charisma and untapped potential, Brad would jump ship in the summer of 2010 to hone his craft in FCW.Read More ?
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Best known for his current tenure in WWE as RAW’s current General Manager, Tyler Kluttz – now known as Brad Maddox – has slowly gained a wide internet following in the wrestling community. With natural talent, in-ring psychology that shows hints of the late, great Eddie Guerrero and a voice worth listening to, Brad Maddox has become a highly-cherished talent.

Starting his professional career in 2008 at the age of twenty-four, Brent Wellington made his in-ring debut in the DCW Title Tournament in the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky – an arena that would soon see this man go from the new guy in town to a future champion. Quickly associating with Gavin Garrison, both men would soon go on to become a part of the comical and loathed stable Theta Lambda Psi (consisting most notably of Moose, Gavin Garrison, and Ashley Stefan Streetman). From that moment on, Brent Wellington made his way onto OVW airwaves as the frat boy stable stood across from the raucous Mobile Homers.

For months, wars would ensue on both Ohio Valley Wrestling television as well as in DCW, OVW’s sister school. With their brash, condescending and snotty personalities, Theta Lambda Psi managed to get on the bad side of the larger portion of the OVW audience, hoping that the beloved Mobile Homers would soon get the edge over their cocky foes. On OVW TV #482, the fans got their wish as a detrimental member of the group was forced to leave OVW territory as Theta Lambda Psi lost in a tag team bout against the Mobile Homers. With the team of Brent Wellington and Gavin Garrison on the losing side, a member’s contract was revoked and Gavin Garrison was removed from the OVW roster. Theta Lambda Psi remained strong for several months after Gavin’s OVW release,  drawing in new member’s such as El Maestro all the while continuing to impress at DCW.

Swinging in other temporary members such as Dewey, the group remained with Brent and Moose being the core. However, in April of 2009 the group fell apart. Defeating Moose on OVW #508, the groups year long history came to an end as both men went on their different paths. Time would pass as Brent slowly worked his way up the totem pole – gaining his first OVW championship. On OVW TV #520, Brent Wellington became the thirty-fifth man to hold the OVW Television Championship, winning it from Moose a week after he had captured it. Holding the title for forty-two days, he imminently dropped the gold to Jamin Olivencia in October of 2009.

Bringing in the new year and sticking with the common “Beef” nickname, Brent then became known to audiences officially as Beef Wellington and continued onward strong. Refusing to allow the loss of his first title to get to him, Beef continued onward to then obtain the coveted OVW Heavyweight Title in a 20 Man Battle Royal to give the once-vacated title to a two-year veteran at OVW Retribution. Holding it for eighty-nine days, Beef then dropped the title to Mike Mondo at OVW’s All or Nothing pay-per-view. Two months later, Beef would officially announce his contract signing with the WWE [View Here]. With his final match in OVW completed, Beef would do a brief showing in ROH against current OVW star, Paredyse – gaining the victory, before heading to Florida.

Wrestling in events all throughout Florida, Brent Wellington would soon enough become the charismatic, cocky and “helpful” Brad Maddox. Spotlighting as Florida Championship Wrestling’s resident dating coach, Brad would soon gain internet attention through his wacky internet series, The Brad Maddox Show. With his loud mouth and demanding personality, Brad Maddox soon became a character highly cherished: the one all loved to hate, and hated to love. Gaining his first real in-ring attention with his feud against generation star, Richie Steamboat, Brad has since then gained attention from wrestling marks across the world. With a tag team match alongside current WWE star Dolph Ziggler under his belt, many wonder when this man will journey alongside him on the main roster.

At this current time, however, Brad is settled in FCW alongside the younger brother of his one-night partner. Starting off with a love-hate relationship, Brad Maddox has slowly stepped into the title of the teacher to the less-experienced star. Removing Briley Pierce from the interview booth, Brad Maddox threw the star into the ring and since then, the two have become an established tag team. Winning the Florida Tag Team titles on November 3, 2011 from Donny Marlow and CJ Parker, the two men have since then successfully defended their title. With the two men appearing as close as ever, many wondered if Briley’s promise of tag champions “forever” would ring true.

Unfortunately for the tag champions, however, their reign was ultimately cut short. On the February 2nd, 2012 taping of FCW, it was announced that Briley Pierce was now sitting on the shelf with an injury. In an impromptu match-up, Brad Maddox found a temporary partner in Eli Cottonwood – trying to fill the shoes of his tag team partner – only to fall to the feet of the established team of Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris. In the same tapings, however, Brad continued on strong, aligning himself with the new, level-headed and strong Summer Rae and has since then been re-establishing himself as a single’s competitor.

Months would pass as Brad would sift through members of the roster, teaming with the likes of Corey Graves and Jake Carter and remaining a frequent face to the fans of the FCW Universe. Soon, a new personality would make itself known – a man with a crack in the surface showing. With an eerie promo towards longtime foe and current Florida 15 champion, Richie Steamboat, Brad re-ignited the feud that had gained him the bulk of his FCW popularity. The two men would battle for the title where ultimately, Richie Steamboat walked away with the title still in hand after a 1:1 tie. The two would continue their war on house shows until they were soon parted, Richie’s focus going elsewhere as Brad was once again shoved back to random bouts.

However, at the June 21st tapings in Tampa, Florida – the men would meet up one more time. With a fight that showed the deep hatred that ran between the two, Brad Maddox walked away with the victory after a 3:2 count. Winning his first singles title in FCW, Brad Maddox is now your current Florida 15 champion! Almost on an unbelievable rise, Brad would soon continue on to the tag team division once more to start a team with Rick Victor, also taking on another title belt; winning the Florida Tag Team Championships once more.

With FCW turning over into NXT as a newly branded developmental company for the WWE, all title belts were dropped and things once more started fresh. In a shocking turn of events, however, the former double champion seemed to be missing in action. Rumors would surface of his release until his page was removed from the NXT wrestling website. However, that same weekend, Brad would be spotted as a referee during Summerslam’s Axxess events and once more at Raw the following Monday on August 20th. With no one exactly certain what was next for the phenomenal talent, all once could do was keep their fingers crossed for a WWE overhaul, Maddox style.

Soon enough, that came… In a very interesting angle. Disappearing from the ring as a wrestler, Brad Maddox made his official WWE debut as a… referee? Debuting at the Summerslam Axxess events, Brad would continue to fairly officiate matches throughout the WWE. Making his first appearance in a diva’s battle royal on RAW, he’d go on to earn a spot in the main event to officiate CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus and John Cena. Missing Punk’s foot on the bottom rope before he counted the three, Brad was then wrapped in controversy.

The following weeks, all the drama had managed to calm down. Brad’s position remained strong as a referee between both the WWE and their developmental system, NXT. With numerous referees coming to Brad’s defense over his rookie mistake, all opinions would change at Hell in a Cell.

Refereeing the main event match between CM Punk and Ryback, Brad Maddox called it straight down the middle… Until the very end. With the end almost near and a title change in threat, Maddox dropped down to the mat to low blow Ryback before doing a quick count for Punk’s following pin, holding down Ryback’s legs. Ryback’s rage would soon be known as he tossed Maddox into the cage, chasing after Punk while the WWE Universe questioned why Maddox did what he had.

Word would come that Maddox was suspended, soon sent to the WWE Headquarters to then return on November 5th, 2012 to explain his actions. Explaining he did it all for a contract – something he had wanted since he was a young boy – Brad soon received an offer that could help him obtain his lifelong dream. On the November 12th episode of Raw, Brad Maddox was now set to face Ryback in a single’s match with a million dollar contract on the line.

…However, he failed. Numerous matches were then thrown his way over several months, while Brad desperately attempted to achieve his dream. Taking on constant monsters in the form of Sheamus, Ryback, and Randy Orton, Brad failed consistently in earning his spot on the WWE main roster. Brad tried everything he could, taking jobs as a commentator, an interviewer on WWE active, and so many other things, before on the December 31st episode of RAW aired, showing him begging Paul Heyman for a job. The following week, Brad tried again, only to get shut down once more.

A sudden report came out in late January, Brad Maddox was attacked brutally backstage at Smackdown tapings in Sacramento, California, and soon, a video came out on RAW, showing exactly who had done it. The ever handy footage from Carson of the attack showed the Shield beating down the North Carolinian for being incapable of staying out of CM Punk’s business, and the following week, Brad came out looking for his own form of justice against the Shield.

Looking to deliver it, Brad stood alone in the center of the ring, only to be laid out by the Shield once more, committing what was described as “career suicide.” Things began to look particularly grim, as if this was the end of the Maddox era in the WWE, but soon enough, a new opportunity landed in his lap as he became the Assistant to the Managing Supervisor of RAW. #TeamBrickie began to churn out t he best RAW’s in centuries, and Brad remained to be the silent muscle – with the brightest intelligence – of the managing duo.

That didn’t go unnoticed as the weeks went on, and speculation from the McMahon family began to fall on Vickie Guerrero. Brad, however, began to pick up a double duty – working both as the Assistant Managing Supervisor and an NXT wrestler and commentator down in Florida for recorded tapings, making sure that the wrestling world was full of Brad Maddox. Things only grew brighter for the young man as the McMahon family began to stare down Vickie, and on June 8th, they ultimately fired the widow of the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

With no new General Manager set, Vince gave the fans what they deserved for breaking the heart of Vickie Guerrero: Brad Maddox as the sole General Manager of Monday Night RAW. #TeamBrickie now dead, it’s the true era of Maddox, and it’s time for RAW to kick up. Since then, Brad has officially sent RAW into it’s best episodes yet. Some would say that he’s began to be the chess piece for the McMahon family, and their proverbial witch hunt against Daniel Bryan, and those who oppose them, but all he has truly confirmed to be is the best RAW General Manager of all time.


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