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MPW All Star Spectacular II Results & Pictures
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The night started out with the owner Triple X welcoming everyone to the event, along with a signing of the National Anthem by “Lightning” Lee Hamilton. When Triple X began to announce the features of the night’s card, Bronson & Hot Young Briley took over the ring as Bronson slapped Triple X in the face and took the microphone away.

They announced the new MPW World Champion, Judas in a coronation among the “Cream Boys.” Judas pointed out a familiar face in the crowd, MPW rookie “Prodigy” Preston Moseby, and invited him into the ring. The trio would attack and attempt to humiliate the rookie, who has been rehabbing his way back from injury, with a can of shaving cream.

The party would be broken up by former OVW and WWE superstar Seth Skyfire along with former MPW World Champion, Danny Divine, and former WWE Raw General Manager, Brad Maddox – who had a chair in hand. Maddox appeared to clear the ring of Bronson, Hot Young Briley, and the MPW Champion Judas, but only for a moment – when Maddox suddenly bamboozled Divine with a super-kick, and a Stunner to Skyfire. Bronson, Briley, and Judas all entered the ring and went to work on Divine with Skyfire outside of the ring on the floor.

When Bronson and Maddox put Divine’s leg into the steel folding chair with Judas at the top rope in an attempt to break Danny Divine’s leg, Briley intervened and argued that it was too much. Briley then took the chair away and when confronted, he hit Bronson and cleared the ring. It soon became evident that there would be a team of Danny Divine, Seth Skyfire, and Hot Young Briley vs Bronson, MPW World Champion Judas, and Brad Maddox later in the night’s main event, inside a steel cage.

When the Cage was installed, it was announced to be the first ever Steel Cage Match in MPW History.

Seth Skyfire, Danny Divine, and Hot Young Briley vs Brad Maddox, Bronson, and MPW World Champion Judas

While the music of Danny Divine was playing and the team were about to enter the cage, they were ambushed from behind by their opponents, Brad Maddox, Bronson, and MPW World Champion Judas. They took the fight to their opposition on the outside of the ring, until they tried to synchronize throwing Divine, Skyfire, and Briley into the cage.

When they tried to execute, it was reversed. The match was finally then brought into the ring, but not before Judas, Maddox, and Bronson were slammed head-first into the cage on the outside, and into the ring where the melee continued. Judas was quickly busted open and profusely blead throughout the match. Skyfire used the cage to catapult himself off of the top rope and landed a high-cross-body-block across Bronson, Judas, and Maddox.

Shortly thereafter, Skyfire and Bronson wound up outside of the cage and brawled for the duration of the match. When Judas looked to injure Divine with a power-house move, Divine was able to reverse Judas headfirst into the cage with a spinning head-scissors, and would then execute a hurrancanrana from the top rope by use of the top of the cage, again sending Judas face first into the cage. Briley would grab the dazed World Champion, and plant him face first into the mat with a pedigree.

However, the referee that came out with Judas’ team refused to count past the 2-count. Briley argued with the referee to make the count, and Maddox would capitalize on the distraction with a super-kick to an unsuspecting Hot Young Briley. Maddox and the referee showed unity with a hug – when Danny Divine realized what was happening, he went to attack Maddox who dodged and came close to reversing with another super-kick but Divine would dodge – the kick connecting with the referee’s face and knocking him out cold. Danny Divine would connect a Divine Intervention (Cutter/RKO) on Maddox, and cover – but no referee. Triple X would come out with a familiar face wearing a referee shirt – “Prodigy” Preston Moseby. Moseby went for the count, but only reached 2 – when Maddox kicked out.

Judas would retain control, and set Divine up for a super-kick from Maddox, but Divine was able to twist away while Judas took the kick – and hit Maddox again with a Divine Intervention to get the win. Winner by pinfall, Danny Divine, Hot Young Briley, and Seth Skyfire.

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